Furniture Retail Solutions


 Save showroom space

Showcase all SKU types

Customer Engagment

 Increase your Sales



What if your customer could visualise all your furniture SKUs , all variants , across all your stores in a small 3 sq meter area , saving precious retail space and logistics costs. Our VR Kiosk based solution does just that , as if the units were actually present in front of the customer. The customer would be able to experiment, interact and see how furniture will fit in context to their rooms dimensions.

  • Fully Immersive Stereoscopic 3D real-time visualisation – As close to real as possible without  expensive retail space.
  • Interactive with ability to change and preview in real-time with different SKU & textures, open cabinet doors and see interiors. Showcase all SKU types without stocking physically.
  • Seated  & Walking experience
  • Very easy to use, intuitive UI for operation by non-technical users.
  • Voice overs to replay your best sales pitch always



Retailers today are challenged in reducing catalogue printing costs yet provide a good shopping experience. Augmented reality solutions can help bring static print catalogues to life where customers can experience the product and interact with it. 

Customers can point their mobile devices at the catalogue wherein the product can be shown and interacted with in 3D or using videos. As compared to a static product image in a brochure , imagine if the user can see the product in 3D, interact with it , view an explainatory video or demo of the product features , provide possibilites of up-sell ; all these increase significantly the customer engagement which leads to increased sales .